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CO: T'Moya

*Bridge Officers* (report to XO who reports to CO)

Chief Communications: OPEN
Chief Medical Officer:  CMO
Chief Tactical Officer: Captain Stone,Marine Commander
Chief of Security: Lt. Commander. R'nard Lokran
Chief Science Officer: Open
Chief Engineer: Dominic Alexander
Chief Helms: Radell Shoemaker (NPC open for everyone to play...)

*Other Chief*

Chief Warp Core Engineer/Chief Computer Spec.:  Chief Intel Fighter Squadron: Open

*Medical* (all report to CMO) Not all open positions listed here.

Chief Medical Officer: Commander  CMO
Director of Medical Science Departments CDC: Dr. Talaine Telena Creed, MD CMO
Asst. Dir. Medical Science: Need
Chief of CSI: Lt. Amelia Ty  ME/SFNCSI
Ships Counselor: Commander Tessa Creed, MD Psychariatrist
Chief of Vetinary Department:  Doctor Phli

Ambassador Sevel of Vulcan
Ambassador Serron of Vulcan, Rank Admiral
Aide to Vice Admiral T'Moya: Ensign Savar

Assistant Chief of Security: Open
Assistant Chief Engineer: Open

Chief Shuttle Bay Officer: Open

Archeologist: Open
Archeologist: Teela Ewoyn

JAG: Open

School Teacher: Lt. T'Salea
Civilian Researcher: T'Vel

Admiral's assistant:  Savar


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