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TRCP Alliance Constitution:

Hear ye hear ye! This Simming Group doeth set down the

Constitution for all members of this Simming Group.

We the members and staff of TRCP Alliance in the spirit of good
simming and fellowship do set down these words of wisdom to all go

One:  TRCP Alliance is just that.  We are not full of mundane
reports for the GMs of sims.  The Staff is here to help and assist
if ask,by any GM,Moderator or member of one of the TRCP Alliance

Simulations,fan group.

Two:  Flames of any other place on Simland/Fan Clubs/RPGs, will not
be allowed.  Fair play is just that.  We are all about peace,fun and
not back stabbing.

Three:  No telling TRCP Alliance business to other persons out side
of TRCP Alliance.  This is good business for any group.

Four:  Posts should be according to the type sim.  IE:  One would
not post a NC17 post on a General rated or PG sim.

Five:  TRCP Alliance Staffers do not have to deal with negative
sniping, from anyone.

Six:  Sims, and fan clubs are for entertainment and expressly are
amature and not intended to fringe on any copy rights held by the
creators and owners of genres or Musicians, Actors,Actresses etc.

Seven:  Remember, if you have problems contact the TRCP Alliance
Staff, we are here to help.  If you need JAG, then contact Jag..

Eight:  No war No flame policy.  And that means, if you are in
another group somewhere that is warring.  Do not bring it to TRCP
Alliance via ims,emails or posts on TRCP Alliance groups.

Nine:  It is easy to do Banner Exchange with our Banner Exchange. And a full fledged
alliance member.  Presentation of groups address and simple
statement of what the sim or group is.  To TRCP Alliance is required
for review.  [email protected]

Ten:  TRCP Alliance is not Big Brother. We work with the GM's
of sims and groups.  If your sim or group has problems and need our
help, you have but to ask.  And we will see how we can help.

Eleven:  Outburst and judgemental comments to myself or any staff member
without asking nicely and finding out what is going on.  Will not be
tolerated.  We will work with and explain anything, but we are not
here to be accused, assumed upon at anytime.  Chronic violaters will
be sent to JAG.

Twelve:  Remember, Alliance is just that.  And Peace reigns over a
group of people who just want to Creative write and enjoy making

Thirteen:  Keep to the rules of each sim you are in.  If the sim
requires more than one liners and tiny posts, adhere or don't come
complaining to the Staff when your GM warns you then puts you off
for none compliance.  We all read the rules when we join a sim.

Fourteen:  Have fun, enjoy and let your creative writing improve.

Fifteen:  Constitution will be amended as needed.

Sixteen:  TRCP Alliance states that if a General Manager/Owner

of a simulation,group of simulations,decides to leave TRCPA;

we do not hold their creative rights back,they are free to take their

simulations/groups with them.

Amendment One:

If a member is joking with any other member of TRCP Alliance please state it by putting up j/k or Joking in the convo, so that persons wont take a name call personally.

Remember, words on im screens are just words and we cannot read minds... So to keep the communications clear. If joking let the person know.

Amendment Two:

When a member of TRCP Alliance says good bye via email or im and takes their membership off the TRCP Alliance yahoo site. Even if they do not formally ask for their group site to be removed. TRCP Alliance HQ and JAG officers have the right to remove a site where the member said good bye and removed their membership from the TRCP Alliance group site.  We also have the right to hold the site on pending, to allow time and if needed JAG to look into things.


THE RULE OF PEACEFUL ENGAGEMENT:  (Members, questions are great. Arguments,debating with GM's/HQ is not tolerated.)

Resignation:  When we realize that rules we must re visit.  So I resigned myself to this truth.  This rule that has been on the rules will be enforced.

TRCP Alliance will not tolerate arguing with General Managers,TRCPAlliance HQ Staff.  Rules are set forth for reasons.  Story lines are set forth for reasons.  Story outlines set down for the simulations current story are the GMs decision, simmers can express ideas, but always remember.  The GM of a sim has the final decision to make and no one after the decision is set forth should debate,argue,with the GM.

The GM's the HQ Staff when they say or do something that is either ask for by a person or, something they deem necessary in the daily functions of sims,alliance,etc.  Anyone arguing and disputing the word of any.

TRCP Alliance GM/HQ,member may be removed immediately without question by the GM/HQ,JAG.
TRCP Alliance is just that, however; due to the fact that some persons deem it necessary to im,email,change their mind from one moment to the next. And then turn around an dispute logs,question decisions,etc. 
This rule is hereby enforced.  It was always on the books.  But today it is hereby one hundred percent enforced.

We now have a complete Zero Tolerance level for debate from members, would be members.
If you do not like the decisions, if someone does not like the rules.
They are here.  They are not going away.  No Debates, no arguing with your GM,no Arguing with TRCP Alliance Staff.  Zero Tolerance.  By Order this rule is hereby enforced.

Questions in a none argumentative nature will be answered.  If the GM or HQ Staffer cannot answer the question or if after the answer is given, the question becomes anything other than question.  If it becomes mouthing off, unruly behavior, and totally unreasonable and breaks the code of ethics of no argue, no debate.  The party will be referred to JAG.

*Please note,TRCP Alliance is a simming group.  We run simulations,rpgs,fan fiction cafe's. We promote our groups via advertising groups on the internet and we work with the General Managers of the groups to help,assist them with all things RPG/Simming.  We invite you to join the Alliance and have a good time in the Role Playing World. *



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