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Project Potemkin, Star Trek Fan Film Group

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Project Potemkin, creator Randy Landers and his crew of writers,

editors, stage hands, actors bring to Star Trek Fan Films, a

interesting, fascinating journey on board the USS Potemkin.


Randy along with Dave Eversole have written and produced some of the

best Star Trek Fan Films on You tube and Vimo to date.


Interested in bold ventures and continuing to boldly go where no one

has gone before?


Check out Project Potemkin at:


There on the main website you will find the latest news on all things Potemkin.


Potemkin on You Tube:


Viemo a great video quality!  Potemkin on Viemo:


Project Potemkin's creator making strides in Star Trek Fan Films.


For those of you who are fans of Orion Press, news and zines, this is

the same Randy Landers of Orion Press, that created Project Potemkin.

By order of Fleet Admiral T'Moya, TRCP Alliance Star Trek Division

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By order from Admiral T'Moya, Director TRCP Alliance Star Trek Division.  Our promotion today is a wonderful fleet named Quick Silver Fleet.  They have a variety of simulations and openings to suit you and your characters.  And, they welcome you! 


So, TRCP Alliance is happy to recommend this fleet.






Welcome to The Quick Silver Fleet!


A proud heritage and many great simulations to temp your Officer, or civilian to participate in.


Do you dream of being a Star Fleet Officer?  Or perhaps a Diplomat?  Maybe an exotic species is your forte?


Come on over to the fleet and check out the many opportunities that await you!



The USS Amandora - The USS Atlantis - The USS Fearless - The USS Horizon - A - The USS Mercury - The USS Pushkin - A - The Starbase Gibralter - The Starbase Zenith - 


The darker side of the Universe!

 Dark Harbor


If you see something that whets your creative imagination, contact the Admirals and Captains and XO's on one or more of these fine simulations....



Best Regards,


Admiral T'Moya, Director

TRCP Alliance

promoting fandom online and in the real world.






Saavik's blogger: Star Trek Lexington.

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Saavik on the Starship Lexington,has a blog where she posts information about Star Trek Lexington.


Star Trek Lexington,as many of you fans know is a group that produces fan films as well as audio series,and novella's.  The latest in the novel series is:  Night of the feast,which is now available for downloads.


The Staff of   have been busy updating the fans with the latest news and behind the scenes tidbits. 


On this groups page for Lexington and our Videos page we have some of Star Trek Lexington's promotional videos,virtual tours to whet the appetite of the decerning Star Trek,and Star TreK Lexington Fan.


This reporter wants to thank all of the people behind the scenes of Star Trek Lexington who gave interview,sent photos and information.  With out your help,I would have nothing to report.


Star Trek Lexington's first episode filmed, All in Appearences has been delayed in release as many of you know who have read the STL forums,due to HDD crashes and some other equipment mal-functions.  But,this reporter can tell you all,after speaking with Mr. T. Scott in Lexington's edit department;that the first episode filmed is in edit as I report this.  Mr. Scott also told this reporter that barring any further technical problems and breakdown of edit equipment,the origional AIA episode will be released some time in 2010 as a Special Edition fan film. 


After speaking with the edit team,I moved onto the Costume department.  It is such a joy to discuss costumes and props with other people who love fashion,costuming and prop making.  I can report that here on our website as well as on youtube and,the Costume Department of Lexington have created some video shorts for the fans.  Virtual tours of the characters wardrobes are now open for viewing here at TRCP Alliance under the Videos button,and


As more interviews are conducted,one of the TRCP Alliance Directors/Reporter team will be updating you all.


Admiral T'Moya


Star Trek Lexington

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Star Trek Lexington seeks writers,crew,cast for Video and Audio productions.  For more information please join the Star Trek Lexington website and enquire!



Take a look at this

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Place your Characters in a sim.

Posted on June 22, 2006 at 9:49 PM Comments comments (2)

Greetings and welcome to the TRCP Alliance Blog.  If you have a Character that needs a Role Play Group to Sim in, you've come to the right place.

Submit that character to us and let us know if this character is for Adult or for General/PG Role Play Groups.

Choose the genere,Science Fiction,Fantasy,Super Hero what ever the type of Character you have and submit it to us at TRCP Alliance Character Recruiting.

We will help you get your character into a great sim where you and your character can live wonderful adventures.

Email contact:  [email protected]

TRCP Alliance Blog

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Welcome to the blog.  We are an alliance of RPG's,Fan Clubs,Simulations and creative writing.  News Letters, just to name a few.

To join TRCP Alliance click on the Join/And our Chatroom link.