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Saavik's blogger: Star Trek Lexington.

Posted on October 7, 2009 at 3:49 PM


Saavik on the Starship Lexington,has a blog where she posts information about Star Trek Lexington.


Star Trek Lexington,as many of you fans know is a group that produces fan films as well as audio series,and novella's.  The latest in the novel series is:  Night of the feast,which is now available for downloads.


The Staff of   have been busy updating the fans with the latest news and behind the scenes tidbits. 


On this groups page for Lexington and our Videos page we have some of Star Trek Lexington's promotional videos,virtual tours to whet the appetite of the decerning Star Trek,and Star TreK Lexington Fan.


This reporter wants to thank all of the people behind the scenes of Star Trek Lexington who gave interview,sent photos and information.  With out your help,I would have nothing to report.


Star Trek Lexington's first episode filmed, All in Appearences has been delayed in release as many of you know who have read the STL forums,due to HDD crashes and some other equipment mal-functions.  But,this reporter can tell you all,after speaking with Mr. T. Scott in Lexington's edit department;that the first episode filmed is in edit as I report this.  Mr. Scott also told this reporter that barring any further technical problems and breakdown of edit equipment,the origional AIA episode will be released some time in 2010 as a Special Edition fan film. 


After speaking with the edit team,I moved onto the Costume department.  It is such a joy to discuss costumes and props with other people who love fashion,costuming and prop making.  I can report that here on our website as well as on youtube and,the Costume Department of Lexington have created some video shorts for the fans.  Virtual tours of the characters wardrobes are now open for viewing here at TRCP Alliance under the Videos button,and


As more interviews are conducted,one of the TRCP Alliance Directors/Reporter team will be updating you all.


Admiral T'Moya


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